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Sean has just arrived in Gangneung, South Korea last night for the 2006 Formula World Championships. He will be writing a daily report of the event which you can find here:

And also, due to the amount of emails Sean received asking about this, he has included some information about the gear he registered and some tips on how to setup your formula gear for racing. Enjoy.


  • Yoonhye Shin says:

    I had no idea you wrote this detailed writings of your stay.
    I’m guessing you have no idea who I am?
    I’m the cheery girl at the airport^^
    I hope you’ll check this after nearly a month of writing it.
    Too bad I never got to see you in a party~
    I hope there’ll be a chance to meet!

  • Yoonhye Shin says:

    I feel like I’m becoming your fan, writing two comments today haha.

    It’s nice to find out that you have a childhood in this sport with your dad involved.

    And also designing is I understand how fun it can be when you understand the need of it in certain areas that are close to you.

    I have been in and out of school because I tried to do art, music, dance, and my major-internationla studies-at the same time.

    Now, I have one and a half more years to go at college, and I really hope I could stay in balance of the things I care about.

    Its seems that you’re doing that quite well up to here, based on what’s been written. I really hope to do so too. Cheers!

  • courto says:

    fuck me freddy. thats aweome seany!!!

  • Ali Berlioz-Nott says:

    What a fantastic diary. It is great to hear your adventures. It is interesting to hear your comments on ROK. I have only visited Seoul and the north. The pollution there I found overwhelming.

    Where are you staying – I would be very interested as the people and environment sounds very different. Glad to hear you are enjoying the sights as well as the water. How much Kim Chi have you eaten – if you have touched it more than once you are a stronger person than me – just couldn’t do it.

    All the best for the competition. I hope to be home in Australia soon with my tour here in East Timor coming to a close.

    Take Care. Love Ali

  • Dave K says:

    Thanks for the reports and good luck!

  • Tim P says:

    G’day Sean,

    Sounds like things are looking good for this event mate, hopefully you can kick some butt.

    You’ll be pleased to know we got a nice NE seabreeze for the first Sunday of spring & if you can belive the weatherman a big SE’r is meant to come through this weekend so hoping to get the waveboard wet if it eventuates!!

  • margie says:

    Great to hear of your Korean experience – things are looking good. Plenty of wind here but not much water.

    All the best for the comp.

  • formula fan says:

    Great stories Sean, keep inform us. tell us somting about your gear, which fin is your choise for this race…

  • Sean OBrien says:

    Hi Formula Fan,

    I’ve written a report about my gear (which fins I used, sails sizes etc), and also some tips on setting up your racing gear to go fast…

    You can find it in the original post, I’ve updated it.

  • ojciec says:

    Thanks for the reports and GOOD luck!!!!!!

  • J.W. says:

    Sean, big party tonight in Groningen!!! Wehehe.. Good luck mate. Hope the wind gets better!


  • Grace (KWSA) says:

    Thank you a lot for your nice information for our Championships.

    Grace, Lee


  • Markus Bouman (NED-6) says:

    Seems that i was lucky, failing to get my ass to Korea!

    Good luck for you and Dennis!


  • wayne bowness says:

    Hey sean thanks for the great reporting felt like i was there [no wind ] have a safe trip home ;)

    i’ll see you in Hawks Nest on the long week end


  • David B says:

    Thanks for the interesting read. Pity about the wind but it sounds like you had fun anyway….

  • Charly says:

    Well, after these reports I have seen from Gonzo and Sean it should be time to talk about the rules of FW and of course about Ceri.

    First of all the FW Class should invent the protest reason by sailors for lack of wind or unsailable conditions. Using the modern GPS system it is very easy to show the real conditions on the sailarea after a race and to end all stupid answers of RD or organizers. Just alter the rules of FW Class.

    Second the sailors should ask the organizers to open the contracts they are making with such places and I think you will be surprised about the amount of money some people are earning on your names. This bring them into the situation that they have to give a show to their partners and the sailors have to be the clowns.

    In my eyes it has been a very good decision of Costa and the others to stop this now. For the future I can only recommend to think about a new structure and new faces in the top.

  • Nathan says:

    a GPS does not show the wind strengths or lack there of.

    Its show the windsurfers peformance.

    For example, It would be pretty stupid to decide on validating a race by using the GPS tracks from a 90kg sailer who used a 10 square metre sail in 10-15 knots.

  • Sean OBrien says:


    When I talked about using the GPS to validate the wind I am comparing it to “trends”, and not to live data. I agree, it does not show the windsurfers performance “as such”, and there is a level of trust associated with reviewing the data…

    After using a GPS to test my gear for 2 years I have a considerable amount of data on my computer. So much so, by using graphs I can get a consistent trend in my angles at certain windstrengths. So, with this, I can see if I’m doing certain angles downwind then I know the windstrength within a knot. Everytime.

    But I guess not everyone has this data and level of understanding of how to apply the GPS data so it might not “always” be a good measure of wind.

    I’m confident what I said in my report about the wind is true however.

    Thanks for reading…

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