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So I hadn’t seen my bestie Timmy in about 3 years so figured it was time to swing down to Singapore to catch up with him and also another good mate of ours who’s just got hitched and on his way back to Australia. I haven’t been to Singapore proper (apart from Changi airport 15 times a year) in about 8 years and A LOT has changed in that time! Here’s a quick chronolog of our weekend madness in Singapore – the happiest Asian city on Earth!™

Sentosa Tourist Park (can’t believe this guy ruined my shot!) – check out the 45m high stone MERLION statue in the background.™

Collecting horrible Chinese masks in China Town.™

Checking out the foyer in the $8 billion Marina Bay Sands Hotel/Casino (that place is awesome!).™

View from Level 27 where our friends were staying in this amazing MBS hotel!™

The Art/Science Museum at the front of the MBS where we went to see the Salvador Dali exhibition.™

Caribbean Club apartments where we went to one of the wildest BBQ’s full of English twats and all-sorts on Saturday night before hitting the town.™

The amazing INFINITY POOL on the roof level of the MBS which also doubles as a nightclub in the evenings called Ku De Ta (was $50 just to get in though – sheesh!)™

Inside the MBS shopping centre there were small canals and fountains that you could take gondola boat rides in! WTF?!™™™

Avalon Club. A 17,000sq foot ‘crystal inspired’ glass nightclub floating on the water in Marina Bay right in front of the Casino. One of the best nightclubs I’ve seen on the planet … simply amazing. Hello, another $40 to get in though and $20 drinks. Meh!™™™

Hit the clubs with a few friends!™

The city skyline viewed from the balcony at Avalon Club.™™

On Sunday we rocked the Tamjong Beach Club (they call it model beach apparently) for some sun soaked beers and sand. Great atmosphere.™™™™

Up the top of the MBS at Ku De Ta rocking the VIP section things get a bit wild. Our first adventures with the big man’s new fiance – think she took it all in stride!™™

About to check out the Louis Vuitton store which is another floating glass temple on the water in front of the MBS. There is actually a tunnel that goes between the LV store inside the MBS to this concept store where you walk under the water… Saw the most awesome pair of hightop sneakers there but they were $1,980.™™

On my last night before hitting the airport me & Timmy head to LITTLE INDIA and find the magic Ghandi restaurant where you are served endless rice/vege/meat curry assortments dumped on a massive banana leaf on your table and just eat with your hands. They refill the water glass pretty quick cause this stuff is SPICY!

Managed to actually make my plane this time and get back to Europe (and the cold). Singapore…WHAT A PLACE. Go visit! Do it!


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