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The Formula World Championships were held quite early this year in April in the Portuguese Azores Islands. These islands are a beautiful cluster of volcanic islands very different to mainland Europe and quite warm for early April (still sailed in wetsuits everyday but). I finished 15th overall which I’m pretty happy with. Had some new #Jobfins which were really working well until I snapped my best one on some rocks close to the marina shore on the course. haha. Still finding it difficult to travel with the equipment necessary to compete on the tour out of Australia. I only managed to get 2 sails on the plane with me this time and it was a 3-sail regatta as we had a few days of extremely strong winds and I had no small sails. I guess that’s the price you pay to live in a country so far away like Australia. No matter; challenge makes me hungry to work harder. This event made me really motivated to do as many formula events as I can this year – my gear is going really fast!