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Ok, so I’ve arrived in the Netherlands last week after my brutal 22 hour flight from Australia. Bit of a change to the weather back home – its currently 8 degrees after being baked around 32 degrees for the last few months of the Australian summer.

I’ve finally settled into my new home in Groningen, which is in the north of Holland. I’m living right next to the city centre and am only about 25 minutes drive from the beach or the lake where I can sail. It hasn’t got much warmer than 10 degrees for the entire week or so I’ve been here, which is a little too cold for me to get out sailing yet! Thats cool, as its given me time to get the important things sorted such as wheels to get me to the beach. Here’s a pic of my new get-up for driving around Europe – VW Transporter 2.5 TDi. Should be nice! Just have to get round to putting some racks in to keep the gear a little more organised.

The weather is supposed to heat up next week which will give me a chance to train a little before I head to Portugal in early May for the European Formula Championships!

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