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Beaches of Sardinia

Today I had (almost) the first day’s sailing in Sardinia, Italy, since I arrived 5 days ago. The wind was from the south today so we drove for one hour through the windy mountain roads of southern Sardinia to a small beach in front of the Villagio Mandorli (some Italian resort, that appeared pretty closed for winter). The P7 guys were blessed with a few hours of sunlight and good winds for slalom before I could get rigged up as a big lightning storm ruined our fun and cut the wind for the next few hours. So after getting all our gear blown down the beach in the storm’s squall, we packed up and headed back home to do some formula sailing at the sailing club in front of our house. Read on to see a few photos of myself, Andrea Cucchi and Peter (sail designer) from the Point-7 team testing out the new 2009 race sails before the storm hit.

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