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About one year ago, a really good friend of mine from school announced he was marrying his sweetheart. In an incredible act of genius, he announced that in 1 year from that day, he’d take his best mates to Las Vegas for one kick-ass bachelor party. Insert 14 of my best and oldest friends, 15 hour plane rides from various parts of the world, 14 Hugo Boss suits; and this is what happened when that day finally arrived!™

New York, New York casinos. One of the biggest and right next door to MGM Grand where we stayed.™

Our mate getting married on the left; the reason we all went to LV.™

Firing an M249 S.A.W. at a firing range in old town. Apparently civilians can buy these guns!™

Nick and me being awesome everywhere we went.™

A genuine Buick RoadMaster Estate Wagon. With wood coloured wallpaper so thick you can smell the vanish.™

Americans really know how to do sneakers.™

The mega fountain outside the Bellagio Casino. Right next door to the Cosmopolitan casino (my personal favourite).™

The Las Vegas Wranglers. We watched them claim victory at the Fiesta Rancho stadium. Ice-hockey is such a cool sport.™

We also caught the NAMAUU vs BARRAGAN fight at the Rio the next night.™

Wild times everywhere we went.™

With 14 of us, limos were a necessity and used frequently.™

Lazing by the pool after breakfast was always worth it.™

So after only 5 days in Las Vegas I’m fairly sure we ticked off everything to do there, in and out of the casinos. We managed to see ice-hockey, boxing, Cirque de Soleil, David Copperfield’s show, the awesome ‘Bodies’ exhibit at the Luxor Museum as well as drive downtown to see the 900m rooftop tv-screen at Freemont Street, visiting the Gun Store to fire obscenely big machine guns and also hit the greatest clubs on the planet such as Wet Republic at MGM, Marquee @ Cosmopolitan and even managed a few of us to get in the semi-finals of the Blackjack competition at the upstairs Playboy Club. I think Las Vegas might just be my favourite place ever….

More photos on Facebook if we are friends right here.

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