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So my van got stolen just before I arrived in Europe this year! Sooooo many memories gone (but luckily no gear was in it). Thank-you ‘global financial crisis’ and the Dutch government increasing road-tax by 20% this year and now the price of second hand cars has plummeted! I purchased a van twice as good, at half the price. Say hello to my new 2.5L Renault Trafic LWB Turbo. I’m calling it “the Condor” based on this pic …


  • Electra Jane says:

    Sweeeeeeeeeeet van! I thought you were getting a black one?

  • PerformanceVans says:

    Awesome picture of the Renault. Would be interested in seeing exactly what you did in the back with the racks? I have VW Transporter and interested in doing a similar thing. cheers.

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