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De Grote Beurt, on Veronika

Yesterday I travelled to a tv studio in Mijstrect for the filming of the Dutch version of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” tv show – De Grote Beurt, hosted by the lovely Jorinde Moll. A good windsurfing friend of mine, Dennis Littel somehow managed to get picked for the show and got his old and (at the time) un-roadworthy Chevrolet camper-van completely PIMPED. We stuck around for a few hours with an opportunity to be in the background crowd during the filming and of course to checkout Dennis’ sick new surfvan! I filmed a sweet video of the van to show it off but unfortunately I am told I can not put it online until 1st of November when the show goes to air… ouch! Stay tuned for the video later!


  • KATE says:

    Well, Dennis is so happy that he cannot think about anything else than his new car as I noticed! Cannot wait for video here and to see his car!

    Cannot wait to see Dennis comming to competitions but this van!!! Well I think he will not take plane never again, he would drive by this car even if the event was on Antarctica.X! K.

  • Sean OBrien says:

    Haha, yeap I know!

    I told him I’ve shotgunned driving with him to any windsurf events in the near (or late) future ;)

    The van looked sick! The A-Team would be jealous.

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