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Yay, the first of the Polish events I am competing in this European summer starts this week in a small town called Pobierowo, on the seaside in Poland not too far in from ze German border. I spent a couple of day’s mucking around in Belgium over the weekend to pick up my Polish manager however it rained the whole time there so I didn’t get to see too much of Leuven except to hang out in the city centre one night and film a stupid video on Kasia’s bike. Now back in Holland we had an afternoon of packing to begin…

So before we could leave to Poland. We had to exhume about 250kg of slalom gear out of my van (all Markus’ speed and slalom F2/MauiSails kit) and take out of Markus’ van my formula gear, Markus’ formula gear and Arnon Dagan’s formula gear (Arnon’s alone included 2x Vapor boards, 5 sails, 6 masts and a bunch of booms, fins etc). This needed to then fit into MY van which is considerably smaller!

Somehow we managed to jam it all in including a bed, all our bags, laptops and other windsurfing bits and pieces, a triple formula board bag, a 12m x 6m mat (for rigging on), a sail rig bag, an esky and a decent amount of food. I’ve never seen the van so jammed – but luckily we built the racks and floor out of 35mm steel tubing and 15mm waterproof plywood (‘betonplex’ in Dutch) instead of the usual wooden racks I see everyone else using. My racks should hold a good 400-500kg :-)

The Pobierowo, Poland event starts on Friday (25th July) so stay tuned and check out the daily reports on this website.

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