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So after skipping the European Championships in Latvia due to an injury, I decided I needed some time out from windsurfing and some kind of European roadtrip. My good mate Andy was floating around Europe so I jetted him over to Italy and we thought we would take a tour through the East with a few days in one of my favourite European cities; Prague, Česká Republika. I actually rocked this city one before with some girls I know from NZ many years ago and after this visit, I think I remember why I really liked this place so much the time before; and once again.

Our timeline involved catching up with a friend in town and smashing the Playboy Party at one pretty slick club called Mazanej Králíček before visiting the rest of the Prague nightlife (which is, granted, pretty fine) and hitting up most of the places downtown. Somehow managed to drag ourselves out of the hotel each morning to do the usual tourist traps like Prague Castle, Astronomical Clock and of course the statues on Charles Bridge. They love a good statue in Praha; yeap! The weather was INSANELY hot by European standards (which I actually like) but isn’t so conducive to wandering the streets all day and alas, my big Canon 7D camera has been stolen so I didn’t really capture as much footage of this beautiful city as I would have liked. So I guess that means I will need to go back sometime………

Also in a completely UNRELATED story had someone throw in the word ‘Defenestration’ in to a conversation about breaking up with their girlfriend over the weekend and when I looked up that word, turns out they love a good defenestration in Prague (which is what that first picture is all about). If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you need to Google that sh**, yo!


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