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Leaving my James Bond experience in Lake Garda behind, I continued on my epic drive north through the Austrian Alps and then Germany onwards to my home in northern Holland. With a bit of foresightedness mixed with some sheer pot-luck I managed to pick a very sunny and clear day to drive from Lake Garda in northern Italy in Austria through the Brenner Pass which allowed some nice photos of the snow capped Austrian mountains as well as an opportunity for me to stop and go exploring a few of the walking paths into the mountains. For someone like myself who comes from a hot, tropical island in the southern hemisphere, seeing snow more than twice in your life is a real highlight. This was actually the third time I have seen real snow in my entire life (believe it or not!) however I still have never seen it actually falling. So some might think it a little pedantic of me to stop my car off the side of the motorway and go exploring by foot into the hillside however, this seemed to me quite the logical thing to do. Enjoy some photos…

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