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Straight after the Nordic Championships in another part of Denmark, my Aussie gymnast friend Jarod and I decided we would visit one of the great themeparks of the World; LEGOLAND!! For those who don’t know, Lego is one of the greatest toys ever invented and most Australian children I can think of (as well as all the Danish ones obviously) grew up building with Lego blocks and most likely still own the Lego Pirate Ship somewhere at their house – I know I do!

Legoland is full of vast miniature cities built from lego, 4D lego movies (apparently, 4D exists, I wasn’t aware we’d passed on from 3D), rollercoasters, heaps of Lego statues and all sorts of other rides and entertainment built from Lego. There was even an Aquarium complete with Sharks swimming around massive Lego statues of deep sea divers and a submarine; how awesome! The video better sums up the day… Enjoy.

My only complaint was that they hadn’t really updated the Lego sculptures from ones that were probably built about 10 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, seeing an 8m high statue of Mt Rushmore is pretty epic, especially when you are told it took over 1.4 million individual blocks of Lego to build, however I think it would’ve been cool to have some ‘space’ Lego (Star Wars even) or even some Indiana Jones style statues or whatever the flavour of the month is right now.

One thing to note, was the 4D movie was really quite cool. I’ve seen a few 3D movies in my time, but there’s something about animated Lego characters that really impresses, not to mention that everytime it snowed real crushed ice would fall from the ceiling and when a boat roared past you would get a spray of water in the face!

Finally, at the Lego Shop, I was stunned to see how expensive Lego has got. For example, in the new Star Wars line, the Trade Federation MTT was 1799 Danish Kroners (about $400 AUD) !! Ouch. You’d have to be a lucky kid these days …

The prices couldn’t take away from the GREATEST DAY EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MY EUROPEAN TRIPS however…

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