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New travel project; 52inKicks

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Recently I haven’t been working on a travel project with my girlfriend which we’ve finally been able to launch over the summer and has started to generate some traffic. It’s called 52inKicks and right now is a place where I’ll be documenting a bit more of my travels (both windsurfing and non-windsurfing trips) as well as documenting how we’ve managed to both carve careers out of ‘remote-working’ for digital agencies and our own projects instead of doing the 9-5 grind. The site has already been nominated for some awards for it’s design and we hope to add a ton more content in the coming weeks.

So if you’d like something new to read this month, head on over to

2nd at the Swiss Windsurfing Championships

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Swiss Windsurfing Championships

Swiss Windsurfing Championships

Swiss Windsurfing Championships

Swiss Windsurfing Championships

Swiss Windsurfing Championships

Swiss Windsurfing Championships

Swiss Windsurfing Championships

Swiss Windsurfing Championships

Swiss Windsurfing Championships

It was great to be back racing on Lake Silvaplana, a famous windsurfing lake 1,790m above sealevel in the south of Switzerland. I hadn’t raced here in 10 years when the event used to be part of the ‘Euro-Cup’ formula tour but now here I was again on the lake, battling in the shifty and sometimes very cold conditions. I managed to finish 2nd overall at this event behind Richard Stauffacher from Switzerland, who is a 3x Olympian. Sailing on Silvaplana really is like nowhere else in Europe, as you head upwind you are sitting right underneath 3 mountains over 3,000m high including the famous skiing slopes of Mt Corvatsch right at the foot of the ski town of St Moritz. The air is crisp and the lake’s water is a surreal green. The lake itself isn’t so wide but it’s a few kilometres long so the formula racing involves quite a bit of tacking and picking the shifts but made for some great racing. Happy to be on the podium here as last time I competed those 10 years ago I was only able to just crack the Top 10.

Overall Results – after 4 races
Engadin Kite/Windsurf Marathon Results
Video of Race 2 start – on Facebook

Army Training in Den Haag

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With the PWA World Cup in South Korea cancelled this month, I had a few extra weeks to spend in Holland before flying back to Australia for the Australian Slalom Championships. I spent the time down in Den Haag with my buddy Casper Bouman and later we met up with the rest of the Neilpryde team; Arnon Dagan and young Mateus Isaac from Brazil. One afternoon for training we went out to the Military Training Facility outside of Den Haag to run the high ropes course. It was pretty fun, but the rope burns on my hands (and ankles) from climbing all afternoon was not fun!

2014 Formula World Championships

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The Formula World Championships were held quite early this year in April in the Portuguese Azores Islands. These islands are a beautiful cluster of volcanic islands very different to mainland Europe and quite warm for early April (still sailed in wetsuits everyday but). I finished 15th overall which I’m pretty happy with. Had some new #Jobfins which were really working well until I snapped my best one on some rocks close to the marina shore on the course. haha. Still finding it difficult to travel with the equipment necessary to compete on the tour out of Australia. I only managed to get 2 sails on the plane with me this time and it was a 3-sail regatta as we had a few days of extremely strong winds and I had no small sails. I guess that’s the price you pay to live in a country so far away like Australia. No matter; challenge makes me hungry to work harder. This event made me really motivated to do as many formula events as I can this year – my gear is going really fast!

The Summer Sessions

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Summer at my home in Australia is from August until May, then we get 2 really quick “kinda winter” months and it’s straight back to summer again. I spent more time in Sydney this summer training for the Formula World Championships, but home now in Brisbane I can escape to the Gold Coast where the weather has been perfect for some great afternoon slalom sessions in the surf at Currumbin or in the flat waters in front of Sea World. Here’s a few photos from some of the more memorable sessions in the past few weeks. Getting ready to leave AUS for Europe on the 11th April!

No-Cam is the Future?

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Back in Brisbane now after some months training in Sydney and we’ve had some wild weather since I’ve been back. Plenty of rain but some strong winds at least. I bought this Severne NCX no-cam freeride sail not that long ago just to have something else to muck around on or teach friends to windsurf with, but it turns out it’s as quick in a straight line as my race sails in certain conditions and REALLY fun to use; so I’ve been using it a lot this summer!! On this particular day, I went for a blast at Suttons Beach, Redcliffe, the spot where I hosted the FW Australian Championships back in 2008. With the rain around, I had the beach to myself; such a bliss day.

Summer is for Boat Cruising

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Sydney is just such an amazing city. When the weather is perfect, Sydney Harbour is one of the coolest places to be on the planet. Of course, you’re going to need a boat to experience, so this fine, summer, Saturday afternoon I was out on a 70ft wooden schooner exploring the hidden coves and beaches of the Harbour with some good friends of mine and a DJ pumping out tunes all afternoon. Not too many sharks around today, so we could even get a swim in. Perfect day. Yeah.

Training in Sydney

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I’ve been hanging out in Sydney for the past 2 months after the Downunder Pro for some formula training. The FW World Championships are early this year, in April in Portugal; so I’ve been keen to do as much formula sailing as possible, get that event out of the way and make the switch back to slalom for the rest of the PWA World Tour which begins shortly after. In Sydney, we’ve been training at Botany Bay, which is right in front of Sydney Airport, which gave me these classic aeroplane shots with Qantas in the background.