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Sean has just arrived in Europe and settled in to his training-base in the Netherlands, preparing for this first World Tour event in Poland in late July. After a small drama with his van being stolen shortly before arriving, he’ll be driving a new van for the summer. The events this season include 2x GP World Tour events in Poland (including the European Championships in Sopot), Greek and Nordic Championships and the World Championships in Santa Pola, Spain, in September. A full tour schedule can be found here. You’ll be able to follow Sean on tour with all the regatta-reports, stories, photos and all new HD videos on his dedicated Vimeo Channel.

Sean will be launching an all new TOUR-DIARY in the next few weeks, expanding the idea which had already attracted up to 50,000 visitors a month with all new HD videos, more stories, pictures and news from in and around the ‘windsurfing world’.

Feel free to post comments and keep in touch with Sean through the Tour Diary as well as subscribing to the RSS Feed to have all the new stories sent straight to your inbox automatically.

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