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I’ve just got home from Hawks Nest, where we ran the 2012 Downunder Pro. I was on the organisation crew again and as you can imagine, tons of INSANELY late nights dealing with the horrific-slow internet speeds in Hawks Nest and looking out for the bunch of international sailors we managed to get over from Brazil, Singapore and New Zealand. I managed to podium (3rd place) on the Warmup Event on the first weekend, beating my good mate Mathias Pinheiro from Brazil who later beat me in the main event, finishing 4th with me in 5th!

We also managed to lure the current World #1 from Brazil, Paulo Dos Reis, who won the event ahead of “almost Australian) Jesper Vesterstrøm from Denmark. That being said, I was the first Australian once again and this gives me a 6th AUSTRALIAN TITLE which I’m pretty sto…(just kidding, not gonna say ‘stoked’ like every surfer ever)… pretty EXCITED about! Had some great battles with Brett Morris who finished 2nd and Luke Baillie, who I lent a board and fin too and who just rocked up for his 2nd time sailing formula ever and proceeded to kick EVERYONE’S @ss out there; good work mate.

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