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Racing has begun at the 2009 AllegroCup Windsurfing Championship in Łeba, Poland. This event, organised by for the past five years is the premium event on the GP World Tour and one of three international championship events in Poland this year. Sean will be writing reports and posting exclusive videos from the event which you can check out below:

Video Gallery:

Rather than write a long report about this event I thought it would be more interesting to some it up in a few sentences and then post some videos and pictures we’ve been making on the beach the past week. It had been a little difficult to get on the internet with a decent connection to upload the videos for the first few days in Łeba so my plans to write a daily report had been sidelined a little.

To some up the event, I think everyone would say that this was a typical AllegroCup this year as we were able to race in a large variety of conditions from light onshore winds and big swells, gusty offshore winds and flat water and the token 25 knot day with cold temperatures and breaking waves on the beach. A good opportunity to cover all three of your rigs in sand instead of just one. I’ve had a bit of a hit and miss event but apart from 2 races in Pobierowo last weekend this is the first time I have sailed my new Point-7 sails and also my new VMG fins and I have a new Gaastra board (!) so I’m happy with how my speed was out on the course without having much a chance to tune up; just need to get my head switched on for the racing a little more.

Steve Allen (AUS-0) once again won the event ahead of Pawel Hlavaty (POL-11) and Ross Williams (GBR-83) with Marta Hlavaty (POL-111) taking the women’s crown. Stay tuned tomorrow for a video of the final event party. Allegro over the years haven’t failed to put on an amazing party with bands and acts like “Shaggy”, “Boney-M”, “Stereo MC’s” and “Mattafix” joining the ranks of some of the bands to grace the AllegroCup stage.


  • ola says:

    Great videos, especially the party one. Could help you with some subtitles for the last line of it, tho ;)

  • Sean OBrien says:

    haha, yeah! I did actually get the girls to do their vodka promo in both Polish and English, but the audio didn’t turn out too well on the English version so I just used the last part of it …

    A translation in to Polish could be sweet. When they say ‘numbers’ it sounds like gibberish to me!

  • Marko Fin-84 says:

    Hi Sean
    You have been done a great job with your new website. I like your new style very much. It’s nice to watch what you pros are doinig at the Formula windsurfin tour.

  • Sean OBrien says:

    @ Marko – Thanks!!

  • ola says:

    i thought you’ve got fans from all over the world… not just English speaking and not only westeners. You need to branch out!

    • Sean OBrien says:

      That’s true. I guess I’m beating around the bush because I’m too lazy to re-edit the video again … ! haha.

      May require your translation skills for some vids later this week if the internet speeds up enough to let me upload them here in Sopot.

  • Sean OBrien says:

    “May require” was in response to your “could help” … ;)

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