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Sometimes I wonder how we manage to get around to the places we do with the equipment we have; it is just ridiculous. The photos above are the bags of just 3 people (26 bags in total weighing over 800kg) for a one week trip to a windsurfing event. I regularly hear stories of my friends arriving at airports with 20 bags for one person and somehow manage to check them on to the plane! One day the airlines will stop taking our gear I think, then this sport will be over. It’s basically already happening in Australia. Until then, enjoy the pics!


  • madsurfer says:

    How do you make sure your gear doesn’t get damaged? Do you wrap them with bubble wrap or something else?

  • Sean OBrien says:

    It’s funny, but I rarely actually wrap any of the boards. I had 2 slalom boards in one bag, with the footstraps still on and the front of the top board wrapped in a towel so it didn’t scrape the bottom board… No damage whatsoever.

    I think when you travel with lot’s of other people’s windsurfing gear it gets looked after, because they just put the boards on top of other boards etc etc.

    When you travel alone on a flight, your boards might get put on top of a pram, or a solid camera box, or a a hard-bag, which is where the damage happens.

    In fact, none of the guys on the tour ever wrap their boards and a lot even just duct tape 10 masts together and send them without a bag, or booms without bags… amazingly not much gets damaged like this. I have had very few problems with damaged gear.

    If you were going to wrap it, I would use cardboard rather than bubble wrap. Cardboard is much stronger; I don’t think bubble wrap would help if they put your board on top of a pram/stroller with hard edges, but cardboard would stop most of it. Especially on the rails and the bottom of the board.

  • JDesigned says:


  • Electra Jane says:

    You can take me with you next time, I’ll fit in a bag! And by the way, what’s up with your mobile? Feel free to respond EVER to my texts.

  • Sean OBrien says:

    Ahhhh, oh yeah, I’m on a Polish number now… long story.

    E-mailed you the number, but I have no credit anyhow and can’t get anymore… another long story.

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