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Not much wind for the last few days of my trip to Tenerife so most of the time was spent with the Point-7 Pro Team running up the mountain next to El Medano where we were staying and a few sessions out on the big sizes of the new slalom gear. Here are a few snaps of the team out on the water and on the flight back to cold Italy.


  • michael says:

    Maybe could you tell me something about new AC1 which you created with Challenger – Specially I am interesting about big sizes, formula sails!

  • Sean OBrien says:

    Hi Michael,

    My formula sails are arriving in the second container to Italy which doesn’t get here till next week; so I haven’t actually used the production formula sails as yet.

    One thing I can say from using the protos is they are extremely “light” and the feeling is a lot different to last year’s sails in a positive way. If you want to shoot me a mail to seanobrien [at] in about 2 weeks I can give you some more detailed info on them once I’ve got them wet ;-)

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