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Well, that was an event I’d like to FORGET! Traditionally I’ve always skipped the Costa Brava PWA Slalom World Cup as it always seem to clash dates with other World Tour events in the Formula Windsurfing class. This time around the dates were clear and I took my first trip down to the Spanish seaside. It was an amazing drive to get there from Italy, passing Monaco, Cannes and Nice along the French Riviera, however the gusty conditions in Costa Brava were really difficult to manage. I was probably the LEAST prepared sailor there, only having had picked up my new race-sails for the season the day before (one of the perils of living so far away on the other side of the planet in Australia, is that it’s very difficult to get your equipment sent in winter to train on!) and found some really nice speed on my big kit – 8.6m – however when the wind shifted to 7.8 / 7.0 weather I had lots of difficulty finding a good trim and subsequently got disqualified in ALL of my quarter-finals for being over-early to the start! That’s racing I guess. Back to Lake Garda in Italy now for some preparation for both the FW World Championships and the next PWA Slalom World Cup on the Canary Islands!!

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