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Right now, most of the area around my city of Brisbane is underwater. After 6 weeks of continuous torrential rain including a cyclone and some very big tropical low pressure systems, many towns around me are completely underwater and already some lives have been lost. I’m doing what I can to support some charities who are helping flood victims during this mess. Today, with some friends of mine we sailed at Golden Beach, Caloundra which is an estuary full of many shallow sand banks and is normally quite a nice place to sail. After the rain, the entire passage has flooded and nearly all the photos of me shown above I am actually crossing sections that normally you can WALK ON, but today they were under 2m of water – incredible!!! The channel which is normally only 50m wide at some sections is almost 450m wide in some parts!!! Hopefully the rain will soon stop…

My thoughts are with the families who are in the towns currently being evacuated.


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