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Introducing A weblog about the design, construction, use and tuning of high-performance windsurfers. This weblog was a result of having never found any decent ‘windsurfing-specific’ books, articles, tutorials on any racing related tactics, technique, design or construction of high-performance windsurfing gear. Now there can be a haven for discussing how to tune your formula kit, how to get the best start and how to fix your gear when you break it for the umpteenth time.


  • Chuck McKay says:

    Best of luck with the new project, Sean.

  • Sean OBrien says:

    Thanks Chuck!

    So far its been going great, already getting around 60,000 unique visitors per month, which is immense considering FW is a niche market.

    So there’s either a lot more FW sailors out there than I thought, or a lot more spambots are getting interested in windsurfing ;)

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