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Sean has won his 4th Australian & Oceanic Formula Windsurfing Title at the FW Oceanic Championships at Hawks Nest, NSW. World #5 ranked Brazilian sailor Wilhelm Schurmann (BRA-999) won the event outright despite Sean nipping at his heels in every race and finally taking a bullet from the Brazilian in the final race of the event. On top of the stress of competing Sean had taken it upon himself to organise and run the media coverage for the event which meant super late nights and early mornings to get everything running smooth for the competitors (not the best preparation for an important regatta!). The location for the event was a town in beautiful Port Stephens where dolphins, sharks, turtles and even a friendly whale were spotted on on different parts of the course. This place had amazing flat water slalom areas, big swells on the course area and a fantastic point-break for surfing, SUP and swimming. For Sean’s efforts he took home the big Australian Title trophy made by VMG Blades and some new phones from the event sponsor Blackberry.

For more information on the event check out


  • Electra Jane says:

    Awesome work on the new site! And congrats!

    I take it you’ve been watching the HP all day? How’s Sydney?

  • Sean OBrien says:

    Yeah, Torah Bright gold medal was awesome! Been working in front of the Olympics all day.

    Sydney’s great. Good to get out of the rain in Brisneyland for a while…

  • JOsh says:

    Nice work mate. Any mainstream press pick up the story? I hope so. 4th oceanic title deserves to be…

  • Sean OBrien says:

    Hey Josh; thanks!

    We got a fair bit of newspaper coverage in the Hawks Nest, Port Stephens, Newcastle (made the front page in most local papers) area. Got on to 9NBN to get some tv coverage but they kept flaking on us.

    Plenty of traffic on the website, crashed the server twice!

    Would’ve preferred more ‘mainstream’ coverage but we didn’t have a budget to have a PR person, so it ended up being me, which was pretty hard to fit in on top of the racing and organisation etc etc :-/

  • Davos says:

    Awesome new site buddy, congrats!

  • PerformanceVans says:

    Agreed. Great new site!

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