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Sydney produced one of the best racing weekends on record at the 2009 NSW Formula Windsurfing State Championships. After two days of super windy 15-30 knot races, Sean streaked the field of top notch Australian sailors (and a few internationals), winning 6 out of the 8 races to take the title back from last year’s winner Sam Parker (AUS-3) who finished 2nd.

Arriving in Sydney the week before to coach Olympian Jessica Crisp (AUS-15) – who also competed at this event – at the Sydney International Regatta on RS:X, Sean only brought his 11m Point-7 AC-1 sail with him and was forced to hang on to it in winds up to 30 knots on both days! With the help of some new VMG Blades fins, Sean was able to fend off attacks from Sam Parker and Brett Morris (AUS-8) to finish the event with 6 bullets despite missing one race to drive in to town to buy some supplies for the drive to Melbourne (9 hours) later on Sunday night to get Jessica ready for the SailMelbourne ISAF World Cup Regatta starting the next day!

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