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On the weekend of New Years Day, amongst the festivals and other parties I managed to put together a photoshoot with a few of my friends including Jesper Vesterstrøm who is out in Australia training this summer. The man behind the lens was the legendary Adam Craven (who is also a fellow windsurfer!) who volunteered his time for the shoot. The location was a small bay in Sydney Harbour launching from Clontarf which allowed us to sail right up to the cliffs along the bushland forest areas of the Harbour; an amazing location. Here is a few of the pics from the shoot.


  • Electra Jane says:

    LIKE! xxox

  • Tiago Monteiro P666 says:

    Great photos! Man, I just wish FW was a bit more popular here in Portugal… I’ve seen on my last results how good I can be. And that without training. I have to decide wether I keep my gear or sell it. : (

    I’ll send you a topic for you to post soon on Carbon Sugar.



  • Sean OBrien says:

    I always thought FW was fairly strong in PT ?? Is there a decline because there is no more of the Pro GP events there, or just in general … ?

    If you live anywhere like where I live, you sell your formula gear and you end up doing about 50% LESS sailing each year. Amazing how many great 10-15 knot days happen which are just too boring to be out on light wind slalom gear in …

    Let me know if you have anything for CarbonSugar… I’m in the process of writing a few more articles… got a bit busy in 2010 to write too much!

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